wappen.jpg (5734 Byte) THE RESIDENZ wappen.jpg (5734 Byte)

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resbrun.jpg (5262 Byte) The medieval bishops´ residence was given today´s magnificent early
Baroque appearance at the end of the 16th century. Open to the
public: the State Rooms of the Residenz - formerly used by Salzburg´s
prince archbishops as reception rooms and living quarters. Salzburg´s
Residenz, situated in the heart of the city, is an extensive complex of
buildings, containing some 180 rooms and three spacious courtyards.
Here the prince archbishops of Salzburg held court and controlled the
destiny of their country up to the 19th century.
zimmer.jpg (7249 Byte) The prince bishops often invited guests to a concert perfomance in
Rittersaal. Young Mozart also played regularly at the Salzburg
Residenz. Other halls in the Residenz are the Conferenz Room or
Ratszimmer (Councillor´s Room), where Mozart performed his first
court concert at the age of six.

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