wappen.jpg (5734 Byte) PALACE MIRABELL AND GARDEN wappen.jpg (5734 Byte)


hmmirabl.jpg (15519 Byte) Originally called "Altenau", Mirabell Palace was commissioned
to be built by Wolf Dietrich for Salome Alt in 1606. The "angel
staircase" by Raphael Donner that leads to Europe´s "most
beautiful wedding hall" is of special interest. In 1606 Prince
Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau had a place built outside
the town walls fpr Salome Alt which be called "Altenau".
mirabgt.jpg (9860 Byte) The Mirabell Gardens hold groups of statues based on figures
from Greek mytology. Also "Dwarf Garden", Baroque Museum,
Hedge Theater.

Today the Palace accommodates the office of Salzburg´s mayor
and the municipal administration.

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